Why Re-Elect Anna

Why Re-Elect Commissioner Anna Hansen

This is a critical time for our community, as we face this pandemic and its effect on all our lives. We need widespread testing, tracing, masks and social distancing, while still finding solutions for affordable housing, behavioral healthcare access, and funding for roads and essential infrastructure.

I am honored to serve as your District 2, Santa Fe County Commissioner for the past four years and I look forward to serving you again for the next four years.

I am committed to showing up, working hard, and getting things done for you. VOTE NOW!

Commissioner Anna Hansen has worked to create a vibrant and resilient District 2

Commissioner Hansen has worked hard for her constituents and has made a huge difference for Santa Fe County. She has delivered on her promises and passed over 35 resolutions in the past 3 years. Commissioner Hansen worked diligently to pass the Hard Rock Mining Ordinance in the Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC), one of the most progressive ordinances on DCI (Development of Countywide Impacts) in the country.

Commissioner Hansen has brought millions of dollars into District 2 for road and infrastructure improvements.

  • Agua Fria Preliminary Engineering Report for Wastewater Infrastructure Expansion Plan includes 38 roads, 7 to 9 of which will have will have sewers installed in the next year.
  • Agua Fria Road was repaved from Henry Lynch Road to Lopez Lane.
  • The Nancy Rodriguez Community Center (NRCC) now has solar panels, which provide 100% of the center’s electricity.
  • We also secured NRCC a new asphalt apron, parking lot, and patio structure.
  • The Santa Fe River Trail is completed to Siler Road.

Commissioner Hansen understands that transparency and communication are critical to good government. She has responded to your concerns with public outreach, E-newsletters, town halls, community forums, and continues to meet with many HOAs on a regular schedule throughout District 2.

In 2020, Commissioner Hansen is focused on listening to your needs and ensuring we make progress on the following:

  • Completing the second phase of Romero Park, which will support more athletic activities and improved parking.
  • Guaranteeing NRCC upgrades to the kitchen.
  • A second monument erected at the west end of Agua Fria Village.
  • Sidewalks on Lopez Lane built, and more money invested in ground water protection in the form of new sewers in Agua Fria Village.
  • Opening our new behavioral crisis center.
  • Working toward the next phase of the Santa Fe River Trail and continue to acquire land for the trail to San Ysidro Crossing.

As a passionate community organizer and dedicated small business owner, Anna has spent the last four decades improving the lives of Santa Feans and understands that we must do more to protect our land, air, and water.

Good government goes beyond just showing up; it is about getting results!

County Commission District 2, your vote matters. Vote to re-elect Commissioner Anna Hansen on June 2nd, 2020.  Thank you!

Please go to Commissioner Anna Hansen’s Santa Fe County page and check out all the resolutions and proclamations she has moved forward on your behalf.

Involved in our community since 1974

  • Owner, Dakini Design & Consulting LLC, 1992
  • Art Director, Green Fire Times, 2009-2016
  • Director of Community Building & Development,
    Oshara Village, 2004-2010, Santa Fe County
  • Masters & Bachelors Degree in Art & Art History, UNM
  • Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission (2007-2015) Chair 2013-2014
  • 2011 – Bicycle Master Plan Citizens Advisory Committee
  • 2014- Appointed by Mayor Gonzales, 2008 Park Bond Audit Task Force
  • Santa Fe River Commission
  • Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
  • Council on International Relations
  • Conservation Voters New Mexico
  • Santa Fe Watershed Association
  • Elected to the Democratic Party State Central Committee (2006-2015), Elected Ward Chair (2B) for SF County
  • Federation of Democratic Women of Santa Fe County
  • Sierra Club

Leading by example in 2009, Anna had a PV solar system installed on her house and business by a local solar contractor. She supports the use of renewable energy and is committed to moving local businesses and neighborhoods toward more clean energy and sustainable practices. She has been practicing water conservation at her home and has supported Santa Fe Watershed Association efforts of restoration along the Santa Fe River.