Environmental champion and Santa Fe County Commissioner,
Anna Hansen announces her re-election bid.


After passing more than thirty-eight progressive resolutions to solve critical issues within her district and countless protections for our land, water, and air, Santa Fe County Commissioner Anna Hansen has decided she’s not even close to being done serving the residents of Santa Fe County. Hansen announced her re-election campaign to seek a second term as Santa Fe County Commissioner for District 2, which includes the Village of Agua Fria, Las Campanas, housing developments along 599 and the west side of the City of Santa Fe.

Commissioner Hansen has been a leader while serving as County Commissioner since her election in 2016. She has served as Chairwoman and Vice Chair of the Board of County Commissioners and is a county’s representative on the:

  • Buckman Direct Diversion (BDD) Board, Vice-Chair;
  • Coalition of Sustainable Communities New Mexico (CSCNM);
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chair (MPO),
  • Solid Waste Management Agency, Chair (SWMA),
  • Santa Fe Internal Audit Committee, Chair (SFIAC),
  • Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area, Vice President (NRGNHA),
  • North Central New Mexico Economic Development District (NCNMEDD), and
  • North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD).

Since taking office, Commissioner Hansen has had roads paved, repaired and maintained through out the district, secured funding for Agua Fria’s wastewater sewer project, supported and protected the Agua Fria Mutual Domestic water system, engaged with city leaders to roll back annexation, and has created partnerships to address the health care and drug addiction needs in District 2 and throughout the county.

Commissioner Hansen’s most notable achievements were in environmental stewardship. She led the fight to pass the Hard Rock Mining Ordinance, secured funding of $505,000 for solar panels on county buildings in the 2019 Legislative session. and succeeded in placing solar panels and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the County’s new administration building. She has opposed weakening regulations for Big Oil, exiting the Paris Agreement, and drilling in Chaco Canyon, as she has ensured Santa Fe County is a national example in addressing climate change at the local level.

Commissioner Hansen has long fought for comprehensive cleanup of radioactive and hazardous waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). She has challenged the Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, and LANL as they reduce protections for workers, the public, and the environment. Cleanup of LANL’s toxic dumps will create jobs and protect Santa Fe County regional drinking water, residents and resources.

“This is a critical time for our community, as we face this pandemic and its effect on all our lives. We need widespread testing, contract tracing, masks and social distancing, while still finding real solution for affordable housing, behavioral healthcare access, and funding for roads, parks, and essential infrastructure.”

For more information about Commissioner Anna Hansen, please visit the website: AnnaHansenSantaFe.com; call 505.920.0957 or email AnnaHansenSantaFe@gmail.com